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Eliah - Chapman Stick & Guitar Player
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Golden Waves,© 2013, 50 minutes.
Recorded in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Los Angeles, California. Ambient relaxation songs and soundscapes.
Melodìa de Luna, © 2011, 56 minutes.
Recorded in Andalusia, Spain. Engineered, mixed and mastered to exceedingly high standards. This ground breaking solo Stick album of  relaxing, peaceful, breath taking music truly lives up to it's name. "Your new CD is superb... It's altogether, polished, expressive and beautiful." -Emmett Chapman 
Sticky Funk, © 2003, 74 minutes.
Recorded in one magical night, Eliah uses loads of effects to create a funky, ambient, and trancey album consisting entirely of Stick music. The perfect gift for a music collector.
Customers say: "Funk... I love funk... I salute you!"
Flower of Life, © 2001, 64 minutes.
Played entirely on Stick, this mellow and relaxing album was recorded in a Colorado mountain house at 8,500 feet. This is a wonderful album for all ages.
Customers say: "It's the most beautiful music I have ever heard.
Unity, © 2001, 69 minutes.
A great mix of mellow, jazzy and funky, Eliah uses his tapping techniques on his Stick, classical guitar and six-string bass. This album is a must-have for music lovers.
Customers say: "It touched me deep and I'm not usually an emotional guy."
Return to Innocence, © 2003, 50 minutes.
Eliah's first album originally released in 2000 as 'Eliah', then re-released in 2003, with the bonus title track. A mellow and jazzy album, played tapping on the Stick, guitar and six-string bass.
Customers say: "My fiance and I have never slept better in our lives!"
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