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Eliah Levy is a virtuoso-level guitar and Chapman Stick player with remarkably advanced technique, creativity and soulfulness.
Eliah has recorded and gigged with John Oates (Hall and Oats), Danny Hutton (Three Dog Night), has performed on a remix of "Love Don't Love Me Back" by Eric Burnett and recorded with DJ Harvey on songs including a "Dance Track of the Month" (Mix Magazine). Eliah dazzled audiences in successful Colorado bands, including The Moondogs and King Daffodil – and opened for several well known artists including Blues Traveler, Sheryl Crow, Kinsey Report, Derek Trucks, Leon Russell, Robben Ford and Little Feat.
Eliah is a wizard on the Chapman Stick – a remarkable kind of guitar in which through "touch tapping technique" bass lines and harmonies are played with the left hand, while the right hand generates melodies and harmonies on a completely separate group of strings. Peter Gabriel showcased the Chapman Stick on many of his classic albums thanks to the majestic work of Stick player Tony Levin, who has also recorded with Yes, Pink Floyd and King Crimson. Eliah plays the Grand
(12 string) Stick.

Eliah has pioneered groundbreaking techniques on the Stick – such as simultaneous funk slapping of the bass strings and strumming of the melody strings, as well as a new technique for creating melodic tremolo sounds – and has crafted a series of CDs that showcase his impressive, highly inspirational talents. Over 50,000 CDs have already been sold. Eliah has performed at the Glastonbury Festival (UK), Edinbrugh Fringe Fest (Scotland), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Ferrara Buskers Festival (Italy), Pflasterspektakel Festival (Austria), Colorado Mountain Fair (USA), Telluride Blues Festival (USA) and several other festivals. International television programs in England and Spain have excitedly featured Eliah’s jaw-dropping Stick talents.

Eliah was born in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood on April 5, 1971. His father Terry was already a seasoned drummer by then, and Eliah spent his early childhood at the epicenter of weekly jam sessions. Eliah began taking regular guitar lessons and jamming with his dad's band at age 11, and was lucky enough to be admitted to an arts-focused private high school where he could drill in on advanced music theory and instrumental technique. By age 16, Eliah decided to pursue music full time – and within the next four years, he established a professional career as the lead guitarist in touring bands. Eliah discovered the Chapman Stick and began playing solo shows in later years, and has established a reputation as an impeccably polished and professional performer.