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Eliah Levy is a virtuoso-level guitar and Chapman Stick player with remarkably advanced technique, creativity and soulfulness.

Eliah is a wizard on the Chapman Stick – a remarkable kind of guitar in which through "touch tapping technique" bass lines and harmonies are played with the left hand, while the right hand generates melodies and harmonies on a completely separate group of strings. Peter Gabriel showcased the Chapman Stick on many of his classic albums thanks to the majestic work of Stick player Tony Levin, who has also recorded with Yes, Pink Floyd and King Crimson.

Eliah plays the Grand (12 string) Stick.
Eliah has performed at the Glastonbury Festival (UK), Edinbrugh Fringe Fest  (Scotland), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Ferrara Buskers Festival (Italy), Pflasterspektakel Festival (Austria), Colorado Mountain Fair (USA), Telluride Blues Festival (USA) and several other festivals. International television programs in England and Spain have excitedly featured Eliah’s jaw-dropping Stick talents.